The thought of returning to work after my maternity leave was overwhelming until we found Muskoka Lakes Preschool. The genuine care, healthy snacks/meals, the structure of the programs, and of course, the location in the Glen Orchard Public School, made our decision easy. Our daughter was enrolled from 18 months until she went to kindergarten this past September and is now enrolled in the After School Program which is equally amazing. We know our daughter is in great hands. The transition from preschool to kindergarten was so carefree… thanks to Muskoka Lakes Preschool.

~ George & Jody (Current President)

I have been a part of the Muskoka Lakes Preschool family for over seven years, and am so grateful for our centre. Both of my children have attended as well as all of my nieces and it has been such a wonderful environment to watch them thrive in. The staff are so caring and patient, and truly strive to make each day full of happiness for all children. The inquiry based learning environment caters to each child and allows for them all to feel safe, special and important, which is of upmost importance during the early years in children’s lives. Thank you Muskoka Lakes Preschool board, staff, families and friends for all you have provided not only to the community but to my family as well.

~ Anna (Current Program Manager)

In my many years as Treasurer of Muskoka Lakes Preschool, it has been wonderful to watch the loving care that our staff have given to the children. Early childhood education is so important.

~ Allan

Our family had had 2 graduates and one currently enrolled in the preschool and they are definitely a cornerstone to our family, and to our community. There is no advantage like knowing a facility will be open to your children and being located within the Glen Orchard school eases the kids in the transition from daycare right into the kindergarten class.

~ Jennifer

My son started attending Muskoka Lakes Preschool at about 19 months old, and loved it from the day he arrived! This was our first time leaving him in child care, and I was surprised by how nervous I was to leave him in someone else’s care. I was immediately comforted, seeing him thrive in the safe and play-based environment. The staff are competent and caring, and are wholly committed to his wellbeing. What I’ve appreciated the most is that the Muskoka Lakes Preschool has worked with me to support him. When we have challenges with behaviour or social interactions, they are great at communicating with me and allowing me to offer suggestions and solutions as well. Thanks Muskoka Lakes Preschool for providing a great place for my son to be cared for and to grow!

~ Ruth

Finding childcare in our rural area is not easy. Thankfully Muskoka Lakes Preschool not only filled that void for us, but they have also exceed our expectations. Our daughter attended from 18 months to 4 years old and now our son will start in the spring. Friendly staff, healthy food, structured learning environment and lots of fun for the kiddies. I would not consider any other option.

~ Amy