Toddlers & Preschool Program:

We recognize that each child is evolving to their unique personality. Each individual’s needs will be met by following a flexible schedule which will also include structured indoor and outdoor activities. These activities will be developmentally appropriate and foster the growth of language development, positive non-aggressive problem solving, self-help skills and social awareness. As the first day of school approaches the children will take all the skills they have been developing with us, from regulation to fine and gross motor, and continue to hone them in their new learning environment.

We provide assessments via the Nipissing District Development Screen (NDDS), which is an innovative developmental checklist. It provides a snapshot of a child’s development to discuss with parents. The simple one-page checklist also features a detachable sheet of activities for enhancing a child’s development.

Pricing: $37 per full day, $27 per half day (pick up by 1:00 pm).

Before School Program:

The Before School Program operates from 7:30am and continues until school begins.

Children participate in social activities prior to being taken to their respective classrooms.

Pricing: $5 per day.

After School Program:

The After School Program begins at school dismissal and continues until 6:00 p.m. We do our best to have the children greeted by the same staff each day, which allows a sense of stability and familiarity to develop.

Program staff have prepared, in advance, fun and stimulating activities for the children to enjoy both indoor and as much as possible, outdoor. In addition to active play, children have the opportunity to socialize with their friends, explore new ideas, create art and science experiences and delve into inquiry based play. Special events are planned on a regular basis, including enrichment opportunities.  Please send your child with a snack.

Pricing: $12 per day.

PD Day Camp: (kindergarten to 12 years old)

Children will enjoy a variety of fun, Muskoka inspired, interactive and co-operative activities each day. Activities will vary based on the interests of the children, and will include sports, arts and crafts, drama and outdoor activities.

Registration and payment is required on the Wednesday, the week prior to the PD Day.  A minimum of 5 children daily is required to run the program. Please send your child with a lunch and snacks.

Pricing: $30


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